Godlike Discipline Handbook

You Have A Terminal Illness. It’s called “Life”, and yours is slipping away. Fast. You have no CHOICE but to develop self discipline if you want to live the life that you’ve always imagined.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”23″ font_color=”%23F7F0DE” width=”620″ line_height=”31″]In this powerful, 57-page eBook, I’m going to share many of my best personal strategies for mastering self discipline. You will smash through every barrier, real or imagined, that is currently holding you back.[/text_block]

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In this Ebook You Will Discover…

  • The Urgency of Developing Self Discipline

    People often behave as if they’re going to live forever. Those people are never going to achieve what you are capable of. You have limited time to create the life that you’ve always imagined, and I’ll show you exactly how to make this work in your favor.

  • 13 Game-Changing Concepts to Help Strengthen Your Willpower

    Deep concepts are simply explained, and easy answers are banished from sight. They don’t belong here. I am writing to adults, and fully developed individuals despise easy answers.

  • 64 Actionable Strategies to Skyrocket Your Self Discipline

    There are many, many ways to change your behavior. Some work, others are total garbage. I sift through the garbage and bring you only what I know works for me and others I have worked with.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About The Handbook

I don’t think I’ve heard anyone be this blunt before about how little time we have left to live. It was a little unnerving, but it was invaluable in making me realize that I have no time to waste.

Melissa Oberman, Portland, Oregan

I didn’t have any trouble getting into the writing, and the strategies really helped me get clear on a lot of things.

Eric Sanders, New York, New York

There’s a lot of new stuff in the book that I haven’t heard before, but then there is also a lot in there that I’m glad to be reminded about. Having it all in one place is going to make it so much easier to get focused and get going!

Richard Davis, Toronto, Canada

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Self discipline is the key to everything that you have ever wanted.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”20″]How do I know?

Because I’ve done this before. I’ve disciplined myself to read at least a hundred books every year, work out 8 times a week, and build international businesses from the ground up.

I’m Matt Karamazov, and I run Godlike Discipline. I actually do these things that I write about, and unlike so, so many others…I’m the real deal.

When you discipline yourself as I have done, things tend to fall into place.

You’re achieving impossible things, but the struggle is enjoyable, and the big picture becomes crystal clear.

Simply put, you can look to me as someone who is actually DOING what I’m suggesting that YOU do.

I follow my own advice, and it works.

My integrity and self respect is FAR more important to me than having people buy my book. If it doesn’t help you, then I don’t deserve anything from you. This book is by-donation only because I care about Doctors Without Borders, and I care about putting out a quality product.

That’s it.

But…looking around…I’m betting everything that what I know WILL help you.

See, most people are NOT disciplined in any way, shape, or form. They are hurtling towards death with NO purpose, NO motivation, NO prospects, and NO help.

The darkness is closing in on these people, and you can see the desperation seeping out in other ways.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

I don’t want to see you living a life of quiet desperation. Desperate to achieve something meaningful, but being stymied at every turn because you can’t muster up the willpower to follow through on what you know you have to do.

The Godlike Discipline Handbook will give you all the tools you need to become the strong, disciplined person that actually gets stuff done.

Nothing less will satisfy me.[/text_block]

There are some things you should know.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”20″]There are some important details that I have to cover first, before I get too far ahead of myself.

*GodlikeDiscipline.com is completely non-profit, and so is this book. I’m not an internet marketer out to make some fast cash. I’m a human rights activist whose obsession is to push humanity forward.

*The main non-profit that I have dedicated this site towards supporting is called Doctors Without Borders, and they save countless lives all around the world every single year.

*This book is not just about developing self discipline. It’s about lifting your head above the crowd and crafting a life for yourself that is meaningful and purposeful to you. You can use these strategies for far more than just doing a few extra chin-ups.[/text_block]

Benefits of Self Discipline:

*You will feel the authentic pride that comes from being a strong, self-determined individual in a world of sheep

*You will start to make progress on some of your biggest goals; goals that maybe you haven’t made progress on in YEARS

*You will be able to not only get everything you want, but feel the satisfaction that comes from EARNING everything that you want

*Your biggest willpower challenges will get easier over time, and you won’t have to put forth the same effort as before, since your new productive habits will be ingrained

*You will receive the admiration and envy of others who can only watch in amazement while you do things that they believed were impossible

Costs of Procrastination:

*You will lead a life of profound regret, while sorrowfully reminiscing about the opportunities for happiness that you have missed

*You will be forced to watch from the sidelines as you see others do what you could have done if only you had the self discipline

*You will fail to take action on new opportunities as they arise, and the rest of the world will pass you by

*You will miss out on the authentic happiness and self pride that comes from leading a life of discipline and purpose

*You will feel guilty and self-reproachful as you think back on everything that you could have been

*You will carry around the nagging sensation that there is more to life than what you are currently living, but you won’t have the personal resources to figure out exactly what that is

*You will have to deal with the terrifying uncertainty that comes from being directionless in a world that has no meaning for you

*You will let yourself down by failing to become what you could have become

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With This Book, You Will Learn…

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]*The essence of self discipline, and why this constitutes one of the most crucial mindset shifts that you will ever make

*How to shut out all the noise and focus on what you alone can contribute

*Why willpower doesn’t work, and what you need instead

*How to effectively cut down large time-scales and how doing so will skyrocket your self discipline

*How to be able to change state instantly, and at any time, so that you will always feel like doing what you know you have to do

*How to become more mindful, serene, and relaxed, and how these states are critical to developing self discipline that lasts and lasts

*Where happiness really comes from, how to get more of it, and how effective it is in increasing self discipline and self respect

*And much, MUCH more…[/text_block]

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  • q-iconHow Difficult Is The Material In This Book?

    I’ve done my best to simplify some fairly heavy concepts. Many are intuitive and you may have had some experience with them before, and some can get pretty deep. Many of the strategies can be used as “stand-alone” weapons in your struggle against sloth and low achievement.

  • q-iconWhen Will I Start To See Results?

    Immediately. Of course, there is a continuum, with greater results being achieved exponentially as you progress towards becoming more disciplined and you start taking action every day. But many of the mindset shifts and individual strategies are put forth in such a way that you can begin to see improvement instantaneously.

  • q-iconWill The Book Be Too Simple For Me?

    No such thing. While several of these ideas are basic concepts, I find that I have to remind myself of them every single day. Having a complete guide like this will be excellent for keeping this massive ideas front and center in your life, and even the simpler concepts will offer opportunities to brush up on the fundamentals. The advanced stuff might even kick your ass at first.

  • q-iconDo You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

    Yes, absolutely. Even though this version of the book is by donation to Doctors Without Borders only, I will eventually be charging for it. Now, you can get it for free by simply choosing not to donate. But when I officially put it up for sale, you will be able to get 100% of your money back, at any time.

  • q-iconCan I Share This Book Freely?

    Yes. In fact, I encourage it. I will ask that you make it known to whoever you share it with that the purpose is to raise money for Doctors Without Borders, and that they should consider making a donation. And of course, I won’t allow anyone to change the text or format of the book. But other than that…give thousands of copies away! Please!

  • q-iconWhy Should I Care?

    Because this book contains some of the most effective self discipline strategies ever devised by mankind. And because you are hurtling towards death at every moment. What we do now echoes in eternity, and at some point, you have to take responsibility for the direction of your life and choose to do something that matters. This book will help you.

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As of right now, this book is for sale BY DONATION ONLY. I am raising money for Doctors Without Borders and so will not be offering refunds. You can get it free anyways, by simply choosing not to donate. However, should I start selling this book (and I will eventually) for any amount, I will be offering a lifetime money back guarantee. That’s how confident I am that my book is going to help you solve your self discipline issues. Although I will still only be selling it to raise money for my OTHER non-profit projects, I will still keep funds available in the unlikely event that someone wants their money back. That’s my promise to you. 100%, lifetime money back guarantee.

Doctors Without Borders

This is the main cause supported by Godlike Discipline. They’re an international aid organization that provides emergency medical care to people in more than 70 countries, without ever discriminating on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, or anything else that so commonly divides us. They received the Nobel Peace Prize for their work, and you can help them continue their life-saving work by making a donation here.

Godlike Discipline

This is my site; the website that launched a thousand library cards. At Godlike Discipline, I write about self discipline, willpower, books, and human rights. I’m primarily concerned with uncovering what exactly constitutes a meaningful life, and I use my platform to help you get it. You can stay up to date by joining the mailing list, and I encourage you to check out the site.

You’ve Reached The Beginning…

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]

Self discipline isn’t just some special skill reserved for others.

It’s available to us all, and you can become one of those people.

Those people who have made one decision; the decision not to be less than they could be.

 Envision for a moment what those people look like. Or, maybe better, envision yourself AS one of those people.

You wake up in the morning with boundless enthusiasm to attack your goals.

Instead of berating yourself from the moment you open your eyes, you support yourself with positive self-talk, and are actually kind to yourself.

You have no trouble getting out of bed, and blast through your morning routine.

Whatever time you head out the door, everything has fallen into place, and you’ve done what you’ve needed to do in order to set yourself up for success.

This confidence will follow you throughout your entire day.

Obstacles become tractable.

Boundaries disappear.

You have used Godlike Discipline to power through your day, and demand out of life exactly what you deserve.

You have only yourself to fall back on, your own powers, and you find that these are enough.

Self-pride and moral courage are the inevitable result.

You are a strong, actualized, compassionate, disciplined individual.

You’ve reached the beginning.

All the best,

Matt Karamazov


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