We Do Nothing...They Die

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Cause #1:


The main cause supported by Godlike Discipline is Doctors Without Borders. They're an international aid organization that provides emergency medical care to people in more than 70 countries, without ever discriminating on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, or anything else that so commonly divides us. They received the Nobel Peace Prize for their work, and they deserve our attention.

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Cause #2:


Human Rights Watch is an organization consisting of experts, lawyers, journalists, and academics that call attention to human rights violations around the world. When a tyrant thinks that no one is watching, HRW is there to make the world aware of what is going on. We need to be there too, and help them achieve their worthwhile mission of ensuring everyone around the globe excellent treatment and justice. 

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Cause #3:


The Effective Altruism Movement is all about donating in a way that maximizes our contribution. We all want to know whether our money is doing any good, and Giving What We Can seeks to eliminate a lot of the confusion. The non-profit world can be confusing, and sometimes you don't know how much of your contribution is actually getting to people who need it. Giving What We Can makes it easier for all of us.

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It Takes Discipline To Change The World

You can now download your free copy of my book, The Godlike Discipline Handbook, by following this link HERE. It features 13 concepts that are absolutely critical to achieving superhuman self-control, and gives 64 specific, actionable strategies to help you master self-discipline and willpower. In order to fight poverty and injustice, we all need to be performing at our best.